Genius is formed in quite, Character In The Stream Of Life  Goethe 


Experienced in life, created the DNA of CITSOL brand: all our product design come from the understanding of life, Integrating happiness and productivity, and adapt to different life or work, or entertainment needs, this comes from the changing nature of the environmental things, Showcasing innovation through flexible design and defined our diversified product design ideas.

生活中的历练与经历,造就了CITSOL品牌的设计DNA: 我们所有的产品设计与开发,都来源于对生活的理解,以及适应不同生活或是工作,或是娱乐的需求,这种来源于对环境事物不断变化中本质的解读,定义了我们多元化的产品设计思路。

CITSOL Design Studio was founded in London in 2016, and the startup team is young and imaginative. Diversified educational background and love of life make each of our products creativity and can be applicable to changeable use scenarios.


Fitting interiors, discover the right fit & balance with careful material selection,

Taking advantage of the innovative application of material technology, CITSOL uses a large number of structural mechanics and ergonomic in product development, and constantly launches innovative products to meet the personalized needs of the new generation for the environment.

Personal well-being is an essential element in creating a wholesome ABW experience in the office


Global Standards, Local Expertise, Beginning of its establishment, We focused on the China market, took advantage of China furniture OEM manufacturing, actively control production costs through global sourcing, shorter lead time to meet the needs of local customers.


Optimizing Space by enhancing products adaptability, our product development follows system integrity considerations, maintain the consistency in terms of Design restructuring and change.

CITSOL 产品开发遵循体系完整性考虑,通过增强产品适应性来优化空间。在可重组及变化方面达成设计风格贯通及保持一致性。

A workplace can become more than a workplace.